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Pearls of Wisdom: ...What is the most important thing to learn in chemistry? Never lick the spoon....

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Saturday Night Movies

Saturday, June 3: “Till” (PG-13, 2023) The true story of Mamie Till-Mobley’s relentless pursuit of justice for her 14-year-old son, Emmett Till, who was brutally lynched in 1955 while visiting

Oak Hammock Community Bulletin Board

Welcome to the Oak Hammock Community Bulletin Board!  The bulletin board is a space for residents to sell, swap, donate or find “stuff,” and to compare notes about goods and

The Oak Leaf: current and past

The Oak Leaf Archive —  VOLUME/ISSUE INDEX — To view the Subject Index click here. Beginning in 2018, The Oak Leaf is a monthly Oak Hammock resident publication.Previously it was

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Searchable Directories

The Infoh crew has added the  capability for logged in residents to search the Resident and Staff directories.  Those directories are located under the “People” menu on the home page. 

Technology Lessons

Residents that have access to a computer and can use the Internet may take advantage of services that offer technology lessons and instructional videos on many topics of interest to

Dirt Cheap “MS Office” licenses

Have need of MS Office software ? Our very own “Wild” Bill Castine has unearthed a real scorcher of a deal on “office”  software for your PC or Mac computer.  

Welcome New Oak Hammockers !

Bernie & Chris Machen — 3111
Tim Noe — 4202
Mark Flannery & Leslie Bram — 2541
Bill & Lyn Rainbow–2422
Neill & Carol Hollenshead — 1212

Anniversaries: Congratulations !

Ron Hoopes and Lori Hoopes – 63rd
Mary Bradham and Joe Bradham – 65th
Dick Martin and Patricia Martin – 66th
Joe Shands and Anne Shands – 68th
Anne Goldwire and Ray Goldwire – 60th
Nancy Wood and Jim Wood – 61st
Peg Owens and Rod Owens – 54th
Tom Gire and Judy Gire – 60th
Kathy Berg and Keith Berg – 56th
Norm Cooney and Linda Cooney – 51st
Bill Conner and Mary Conner – 58th
Jim Sullivan and Rubye – 63rd
Frank Townsend and Marvel Townsend – 56th
Paul Walker and Barbara – 55th



Jesse Arnold — May 16
Jose Garcia-Bengochea — May 15
Elinor Frost — May 10

OH flora, fauna and pets
Thanks Walter Wynne ! You never know who's lurking nearby, do you ?
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