Today is Monday, February 18th 2019.

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Good to Eat

Today’s Soups:
Italian sausage soup with tortellini


Special Menus:

Chef's Daily Specials

February 16 - 24

Sat 2/16
Lunch: Blue burst salad with chicken -- $4.50
Dinner #1: Panko and sesame crusted cod with stir fried vegetables -- $8
Dinner #2: Vegetarian stuffed pepper -- $6

Sun 2/17
Lunch: See Sunday Brunch Menu
Dinner #1: Short rib pappardelle -- $8
Dinner #2: Chef's choice -- $6

Mon 2/18
Lunch: * Fried green tomato sandwich with remoulade sauce -- $5
Dinner #1: Bistro pasta with sautéed shrimp -- $8
Dinner #2: (GF) Roasted chicken legs with wild mushroom risotto -- $6

Tues 2/19
Lunch: Roasted cauliflower grilled cheese on sourdough -- $4
Dinner #1: (GF) Braised short ribs over mashed potatoes -- $9
Dinner #2: Creamy crawfish pasta -- $8

Wed 2/20
Lunch: Squash frittata -- $5
Dinner #1: (GF) Grilled herb-fennel pork tenderloin -- $7
Dinner #2: (GF) Lemon salmon with spiced chickpeas -- $6

Thurs 2/21
Lunch: Spaghetti and meatballs -- $5
Dinner #1: *(GF) Snapper Baton Rouge (crab, andouille sausage, scallions) -- $11
Dinner #2: Vegetable cannelloni -- $7

Fri 2/22
Lunch: * Pesto chicken Caprese flatbread -- $6
Dinner #1: Linguine with white wine clam sauce -- $8
Dinner #2: (GF) Shepherd’s pie -- $7

Sat 2/23
Lunch: Green Goddess salad -- $1.75/$2.35
Dinner #1: Chicken picatta over angel hair -- $8
Dinner #2: Brie, mushroom and asparagus crepes -- $6

Sun 2/24
Lunch: See Sunday Brunch Menu for details
Dinner #1: Seafood stew -- $8
Dinner #2: Chef’s choice -- $6

*contains garlic
(G) = Gluten Free

Weekly Specials

February 11 - 17

Appetizer -- Mediterranean zucchini sticks -- $5.00
Parmesan zucchini sticks flash fried and served with a kalamata, garlic and sundried tomato dipping sauce

Salad -- Antipasto salad (GF) -- $1.75/$2.35
Diced salami, mozzarella, pepperoni, olives, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and basil in a light Italian vinaigrette

Sandwich -- Gyro quesadilla -- $5.00
Diced beef and lamb, caramelized onions, diced tomatoes, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce in a grilled flour tortilla

Vegetarian -- Lentil chili (GF) -- $5.00
Lentils, onions, celery, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, kidney beans, navy beans, cilantro, lime, chili powder and cumin; topped with sour cream

February 18th – February 24th

Appetizer -- Smoked salmon tostada -- $5.00                        
Smoked salmon, crispy tortilla, tomatoes, onions, spicy aioli

Salad -- Steak house salad (GF) -- $1.75/$2.35
Artisan greens, blue cheese, steak, cherry tomatoes, crispy fried onions, sweet balsamic dressing

Sandwich -- Meatball sliders -- $5.00                          
2 meatball sliders with marinara, mozzarella and marinara

Vegetarian -- Eggplant casserole (GF) -- $5.00
Eggplant, ricotta, basil, marinara, crimini mushrooms, mozzarella

Early Bird Choices

February 18th – February 21st

Steak tacos
Steak, cheese, salsa, mozzarella, lime vinaigrette

Open face roast beef sandwich
Roast beef sandwich with your choice of bread with demi glace

Pistachio crusted chicken
Chicken crusted with pistachios and a white wine lemon sauce

Salad entrée w/ shrimp or chicken
Large portion of a spinach, house or Caesar salad topped with your choice of chicken, shrimp, tuna, egg or chicken salad or tofu

Fish du jour
Chef’s fish selection seasoned and prepared to your specifications

All appetizers, sides, beverages, desserts, etc.
are at regular menu prices.



$1.20 each

Ocean Spray orange, apple or cranberry juice

Lemonade, pineapple juice, prune juice, V-8 or tomato juice

Milk (2%, whole, skim, almond)

100% Colombian coffee (regular or decaffeinated)

Hot or iced tea (unsweetened only)

Soft drinks (with free refills)

Wine & Beer

White Wines (Glass/Bottle)

Barefoot Pinot Grigio 4.00/12.00
Copper Ridge Chardonnay 4.00/12.00
Copper Ridge White Zinfandel 4.25/13.00
Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling 5.00/15.00
DeLoach Chardonnay 5.00/15.00
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 5.00/15.00
Crossings Sauvignon Blanc 5.00/15.00
Conundrum Blend 7.00/20.00

Fre Non alcoholic Chardonnay 5.00/15.00

Red Wines (Glass/Bottle)
Copper Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 4.00/12.00
Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon 8.00/26.00
Canyon Road Merlot 4.00/12.00
Gato-Negro Malbec 4.00 -- glass only
Erath Pinot Noir 7/21
Barossa Valley Estates Shiraz  5.00/15.00
14 Hands Merlot 6.00/18.50

Sparkling Wine (Glass/Bottle)
Wycliff Sparkling Wine 5.00/15.00

Draught Beer
Yuengling 2.00

Bottled Beer
Coors Light  2.00
Yuengling (Black & Tan) 2.50
Guinness 3.00
Heineken 3.00
Stella Artois 3.00
Becks 3.00
Coors Light 2.00
Swamp Head beer Big Nose IPA/Wild night $1.50

Always Available Menus:

Heart-Healthy Options

Ingredients Used


☼G♥- Jumbo shrimp cocktail -- $8.75

Delicious wild caught shrimp cooked until tender, peeled and served with homemade zesty cocktail sauce

☼G- Stuffed avocado -- $7.10

Avocado cut in half stuffed with crab and lobster salad seasoned with old bay, lemon and dill

Steamed or fried dumplings -- $5.10

Five chicken dumplings cooked to your liking with coleslaw and Thai chili dipping sauce

☼◊ -Chicken tenders -- $3.30/ $4.60

Chicken tenderloins breaded and flash fried to perfection and served with BBQ or Honey mustard sauce

☼Chicken wings -- (8) $5.10

Chicken wings fried crispy, tossed in your choice of buffalo sauce or BBQ and served with carrots, celery and blue cheese


*Caesar salad -- small $1.75/regular $2.35

Chopped Romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing, topped with fresh Asiago and Parmesan cheese and house croutons

♥House salad -- small $1.75/regular $2.35

Artisan greens, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, peppers and house croutons

♥Spinach salad -- small $1.75/regular $2.35

Fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions, bacon, diced eggs and tomatoes with a homemade creamy bacon dressing

♥Fruit salad plate -- $5.00

Assorted seasonal fruit served on a bed of lettuce

♥Bonnie blue salad -- small $2.25/regular $3.90

Romaine lettuce, sliced pears, walnuts, raisins, blue cheese crumbles and poppy seed dressing

Chef's Salad small $2.25/regular $4.05

Romaine lettuce, julienne ham, turkey, Swiss, cheddar, hardboiled egg, bacon, and cherry tomatoes

Salad Extras

Add your choice of
•Shrimp ($6.65)
•Grilled chicken breast ($4.75)
•Grilled salmon (7.55)
•Chicken, egg or tuna salad (4 oz scoop $3.15 ; 2 oz scoop $2.00)
•Lobster and crab salad (4 oz. scoop $4.10; 2 oz scoop $3.00))

Any of the following items can be added to a salad for 50¢ each:
Parmesan cheese, asiago cheese, diced hardboiled eggs, carrots, mushrooms, onions, tomato, peppers, cucumbers, raisins, blueberries, croutons, bacon, pears, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, and anchovies
Any items in the salad description can be omitted at no charge.

Dressings available

1905 dressing (GF)
Balsamic vinegar(GF)
Balsamic vinaigrette(GF)
Bleu cheese
Blood orange and shallot vinaigrette(GF)
Golden Italian
Homemade creamy bacon
Homemade apple vinaigrette
Honey mustard
Olive oil & red wine vinegar(GF)
Poppy seed
Thousand island
Vidalia onion

♥ 1905 salad small $2.25/Regular $4.05

Romaine lettuce, ham, turkey, olives, and Swiss cheese with a homemade 1905 dressing


Beef & Lamb

Petite filet mignon

A certified Angus beef steak, cut from the heart of the tenderloin and perfectly grilled to your liking. -- $12.90

Homemade meatloaf

Chef's homemade meatloaf with ground beef, fresh vegetables and brown gravy. $4.20 / $5.20

New Zealand lamb chops

Lightly seasoned and grilled to order, served with mint jelly cordon -- $10.25 / $13.75

New York Strip

Certified Angus beef strip steak grilled to your liking with boursin garlic and herb butter -- $10.25

Veal Marsala

Veal cutlets pan seared and topped with a mushroom and marsala wine sauce -- $9.25

Bone in pork chop -- $9.00

Bone in pork chop topped with a calvados sauce -- $9.00


♥ Chicken breast

8 oz. chicken breast grilled, baked, sauteed, blackened, broiled or steamed. -- $4.75

Maple Leaf duck

1/2 Maple Leaf duck roasted or fried crispy, served with plum sauce -- $10.25


♥ Eggplant Parmesan -- $5.00

Panko crusted eggplant flash fried served over angel hair pasta with marinara, provolone and parmesan cheese

♥ Vegetable stir fry -- $5.00 (Vegan)

* GF Peppers, onions, carrots, zucchini, and broccoli pan seared with teriyaki sauce
(add tofu, shrimp, chicken, or Beyond sausage for an additional $2.00 up charge)

*♥️ Rigatoni with Beyond sausage -- $5.00

Rigatoni pasta, Beyond sausage, navy beans, and Swiss chard sautéed together with a splash of white wine and garlic -- $5.00


Chilean Sea Bass

Pan seared Chilean sea bass served with a teriyaki BBQ glaze -- $15.25


Salmon prepared your liking: Grilled, broiled, poached, etc. -- $7.55

Lobster Tails

Cold water lobster tails (5 - 6 oz.) broiled to perfection and served with drawn butter and lemon. -- $8.25 (one) / $14.25 (two)

Fish du Jour

Ask your server for the fish of the day -- $5.20

GF Grouper -- $9.00

A lean, moist, and flaky fish. Best recommended seared -- $9.00


Whole wheat penne

Whole wheat penne pasta, broccoli rabe, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and feta cheese (add tofu, shrimp, or chicken for an additional $2.00 up charge)

Side Dishes


$1.25 per serving
Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, baked white cheddar mac and cheese, potato salad, whole wheat penne pasta with butter or Marinara sauce, onion rings, French fries, and (after 5pm) baked potato and sweet potato


$1.25 per serving
Asparagus, beets, broccoli (available au gratin), peas, carrots, green beans, squash, spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli salad, coleslaw, tofu, cottage cheese, and mixed fruit
Rotating vegetable of the day - Ask your server for details.

All vegetables are available steamed or sauteed with garlic, olive oil and/or butter.


$1.20 per serving

Fresh Seasonal Fruit
Cottage Cheese
Apple Sauce
Jello (regular or sugar free)

Sandwiches & Quiche

Deli sandwiches -- $2.35/$3.60

Choice of deli ham, deli turkey, egg salad, tuna salad or chicken salad on your choice of bread. -- Half $2.35 / Whole $3.60

Club sandwich -- $2.60/$3.65

Double or triple deck sandwich of deli turkey, deli ham, bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on your choice of bread. -- Half $2.60 / Whole $3.65

Cuban -- $4.60

Cuban bread, yellow mustard, ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese and dill pickles, pressed and served hot -- $4.60

♥ Beyond burger -- $3.60

Plant based burger that looks, cooks and tastes like a fresh beef burger -- $3.60

Hot dog -- $2.20

Hebrew National all beef quarter pound hot dog grilled to order. -- $2.20
(Vegetarian "Beyond Sausage" also available)

Grilled cheese -- $1.10/$2.10

With your choice of bread and cheese. -- Half $1.10 / Whole $2.10

Lobster roll -- $5.80

Home made lobster salad in a New England style toasted roll -- $5.80

Pizza of the day $4.70

Single serve pizza made daily with different toppings. Ask your server for today's creation. -- $4.70

Quiche du Jour -- $3.35

Savory egg custard pie with the Chef's choice of ingredients. Ask your server for today's specials. -- $3.35

Bagel and Lox $5.10

Bagel and Lox - Toasted bagel, 4 ounces smoked salmon, lettuce, cream cheese with dill, thinly sliced red onion, capers and sliced tomatoes

Steakburger -- $4.70

An old standby returns to the menu! Angus ground beef with your choice of cheese, bacon, condiments, and setup.

Kobe beef sliders -- $4.60

(2) Kobe beef sliders, very lean, full of nutrients, caramelized onions, and choice of cheese

Bread choices

Select from wheat, 7-grain, rye, white, Texas toast, (GF) white, (GF) roll, or hamburger bun


Egg dishes

Build your own omelet with your choice of filings: tomato, onion, mushrooms, bell peppers, sausage, Canadian bacon, bacon, ham, black olives, broccoli, asparagus, garlic, basil, spinach, or Asiago, Swiss, blue, feta, provolone, American or cream cheese. -- $3.20

Egg beater omelet -- high in protein, zero fat and cholesterol. All of the selections above are available. -- $3.20

Eggs poached, fried or boiled -- $1.75 (one) / $2.85 (two)

OH breakfast sandwich -- Choice of English muffin or bagel, 1 egg any style, American cheese, bacon, avocado and arugula -- $3.05

Corned beef hash with one egg any style -- Corned beef brisket, diced potatoes and finely diced onion seared on the flat top with your choice of one egg any style -- $3.05

Eggs Benedict: An English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce with diced black olives. -- $2.50 (one) / $3.50 (two)

Quiche du jour: Savory egg custard pie with the Chef's choice of ingredients. Ask your server for today's specials. -- $3.35

French toast & pancakes

French toast: Two slices of Texas toast dipped in our homemade batter with eggs, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon, then lightly dusted with powdered sugar and served with syrup and butter. -- $3.05

Pancakes: Two buttermilk pancakes available plain or with blueberries. Served with butter and syrup. -- $3.05


Cold cereal: Ask your server for our selection of cold cereals. Served with your choice of milk. -- $1.60

Hot cereal (before 1:30 pm): A warm, healthy bowl of Quaker oatmeal or grits. -- $1.60 (Small portion available for $0.80)

Yogurt parfait

Seasonal fresh fruit tossed with low-fat yogurt and topped with granola crunch. -- $3.05

Toasted bagel, scone or English muffin

Served with your choice of butter or cream cheese. -- $1.30

Side items

$1.25 each
Sausage patties (2)
Bacon slices (3)
Canadian bacon (2)
Home fries
Whole banana
Whole orange
Fresh seasonal fruit
Cottage cheese
Apple sauce
Jello (regular or sugar free)

Banana bread -- $2.20

Call 352-548-1042 or -1043 for takeout.

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