Funeral Services

The Federal Trade Commission has put in place protections for consumers of funeral services. You are not required to select a bundle of services but can select to purchase only the items or services you need.

Among the protections provided by the FTC Rule are the requirement that prices be quoted to telephone inquiries, an itemized price sheet which you can take home with you be provided, you be notified that embalming is generally NOT required, you be given the option to decline embalming, that you are permitted to purchase a casket from a source other than the funeral home (major providers include Costco and Walmart which will deliver in time). We urge you to become familiar with these protections. You can read them by clicking here.

The State of Florida also regulates funerals and cemeteries. These regulations do not duplicate the FTC rules but afford consumer protection in other areas.

There are a number of important provisions that we suggest you familiarize yourself with among which are that Florida does not require a vault for burial although a specific cemetery may require a vault and that Florida does not require embalming if refrigeration is available. Click here to learn more about these provisions as well as information on pets, cemetery upkeep, etc.

A group of Trappist monks hand manufactures wooden caskets that are available with or without religious markings. These can be purchased from the website below and they can arrange delivery in time for the funeral. Click here for details.

Walmart sells caskets, urns, pet caskets, etc., and says they will deliver in time for the funeral. Costco also sells caskets and urns and offers to deliver in time for the funeral.


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