Welcome to the Oak Hammock Community Bulletin Board! 

The bulletin board is a space for residents to sell, swap, donate or find “stuff,” ask questions, and to compare notes about goods and services on campus and in the area. 

Categories appear as clickable boxed links, and you can get back to this page from any of the below pages by clicking the push pin.

  • Everyone can read content and post a listing or comment.  Click the link to post or read.  Clicking in the “add your listing here” area, on one of the above  linked pages, will allow you to type in your information.  Clicking on “subscribe” will allow you to sign up for email notification of follow-up comments on the posting. Caution: since you are posting to “the world”, carefully consider whether or not to include personal contact information.
  • Listings and comments are moderated.  Only entries that are community-based, polite, appropriate, and non-political will  be posted. 
  • Listings will be deleted after 30 days,  with the exception of Restaurants, Services, and Questions. If you would like to repost your listing – the car hasn’t sold yet – you can do so as a new listing, subject to moderation.
  • If there is a category you’d like to see included, go to the “Other” page to suggest your category idea where it says “add your listing here”.  If appropriate, an infoh crewmember will add a new category link box.
  • If you run into problems with the Bulletin Board, please e-mail Nancy Dickson, put a note in cubby 1107, or describe your issue in the “Help” page where it says, “add your listing here.
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