Well,  lets see if Alexa can do anything useful to justify herself.  Have you ever wished that you could find your phone ?  I have.   What I can do now,  is simply say “Alexa,  find my phone”  and my phone rings.  Which is nice if there’s not another phone around ?

What about calling OH Security,  when you are not able to retrieve a phone and your pendant is,  well,  who knows where it is ?

What is needed for Alexa to come to the rescue ?

  • Smartphone,  Android or IOS
  • Amazon account (don’t need prime)
  • The “Alexa App” on your phone (will need the Amazon account login)
  • And,  of course, some sort of Alexa sound/voice enabled device,  like a “dot”,  “echo” or a “show” , that was set up using Alexa on that same phone.
  • If you have those things,  then simply tell the speaker “Alexa,  find my phone” .   For me,  she replies:  “calling David”,  since my phone is named “Davids Iphone”,  and my phone rings.  

If that succeeds,  then the second part of this assignment is to add a phone contact to your “Alexa Contacts”,  using the Alexa App,  and not your phone’s contacts.  

Call it “SECURITY”  (or Oak Hammock Security whatever you will remember when the time comes).
  • Open the Alexa app and tap Communicate.  This is an icon at the bottom left of the screen next to “home”
  • Tap the Contacts icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Tap Add Contact, then enter the pertinent information.

How to add a contact in Alexa

add a contact named “SECURITY” at phone number 352-377-2061

Tap Save when you’re finished.

Give an Alexa call to “SECURITY”  a try !  You simply tell the speaker:  “Alexa, call security”.

Hopefully you won’t need it frequently,  but,  when you do it’ll come in handy.

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