Hammock Electronic Assistance Team (HEAT)

Keeping our Oak Hammock family and their computers happy requires the coordinated efforts of Oak Hammock staff and resident volunteer. Complimentary services of several groups are available if your computer doesn’t seem to be operating as well as you believe it should. HEAT has collaborated with IT to develop a system that will hopefully make your computer happy.

The first step is to contact HEAT – a group of your neighbors who have volunteered to try to remedy your problem. They can be reached at heat4oh@gmail.com or, if you cannot send e-mail, via a hard copy form available at the Business Center or the reception desk. Describe the problem and the Operating System (Mac or Windows), and a member of HEAT will arrange a house call.

The role of the HEAT volunteer is to triage the situation and attempt some general solutions. A quick security check will also be offered.

If the performance problem is not satisfactorily resolved, you will be referred to the professional technicians on the Oak Hammock Information Technology (IT) team. The IT team will either make suggestions to HEAT to try to fix the problem, contact you to look at the problem on your computer, refer the issue to maintenance if appropriate, or let you know if you need to seek outside assistance or if you need to take your computer to a repair shop or purchase new equipment.

The collective goal is to help you find a solution to your computer’s problem at no additional cost to you whenever possible.

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