If you wish to submit a request for funds click here.

Recycled Riches is a subcommittee at Oak Hammock created for the purpose of raising funds for use for Oak Hammock projects by collecting and selling donated items to members and staff. Items donated are eligible for a tax deduction by contacting Katherine Osman.

The committee is always happy to help members and their families arrange for the disposal of items which cannot be used by them. Although we have storage here at Oak Hammock, there are times we may decline items due to their size, weight, or construction. We can assist you with contacting other agencies in the area who accept donations. We do not accept sized clothing and shoes, but we can give you the names of other members who collect these items for area charities.

We hold meetings on the last Monday of the month except for July and December. We meet at 11 AM in the Multipurpose Room. Every resident of Oak Hammock is considered a member of Recycled Riches. Please come out and help us if you can. You are welcome to attend our meetings and help us spend our funds. If you wish to submit a request for funds click hereForms are also available at the reception desk .

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