This Committee receives donations of books and other media and maintains the Library for Oak Hammock Members.

The Oak Hammock Library consists of three rooms on the Lower Level of the Commons. The room closest to the Reception Desk contains fiction and mysteries. The room with the fireplace contains non-fiction books, books written by Oak Hammock authors and newspapers. Both rooms contain donated magazines. The Library Annex, located next to the Art Studio, contains biographies, books relating to war, large print books, a Florida section and books on health, gardening, art, and travel.

Oak Hammock has a large selection of movies on DVD’s that members may borrow. To check out a movie take the empty case from the section in the Annex and take it to the reception desk. The receptionist will give you the DVD to put in the case and will sign it out to you. Limit is 2 DVD’s at a time and returned within two weeks. There is a locked case on the receptionist’s desk to put DVD’s when they are returned.

The musical CD’s, books on CD’s, and boxed sets of DVD’s that are also in the Annex are borrowed using the honor system. No check out required.

The DVD’s of Oak Hammock meetings and events in the Annex do have a check out box so should be signed out when borrowed.

There are bookcases in the Lower Level of the Commons in both buildings that contain paperback books. (Building 1 by the ping pong table, Building 2 by the pool table) When finished reading, paperback books can be returned or passed on to someone else who wants to read them – no check-out required. Donations of paperbacks are always welcomed.

The Library Committee also maintains a small library area near the Assisted Living Dining Room in the Health Pavilion.

New members are always welcome to join the Library Committee at any time during the year.

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