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The Florida Life Care Residents’ Association (FLiCRA) is the only state wide organization founded to promote and protect the interest of residents of all CCRCs licensed under FL Statutes 651. There are about 12,000 FLiCRA members in 45 CCRCs who support a staff in Tallahassee who represent us before the Florida Legislature and the Office of Insurance Regulation. The staff in Tallahassee follows and lobbies for or against legislation that affects CCRC residents. In addition, FLiCRA members hold 3 positions on the Governors CCRC advisory council (one is from Oak Hammock).

FLiCRA Lamar Miller Chapter #255 at Oak Hammock has a 9 member board of directors with 3 members elected each year for a 3 year term. Your Oak Hammock FLiCRA Board is in place to recruit membership, to communicate residents’ interests to the staff and FLiCRA’s accomplishments to the residents and the FLiCRA staff. We also can take pride knowing that we have an Oak Hammock resident who is a member on the State FLiCRA Board of Directors.

The work of FLiCRA has resulted in significant savings for CCRC residents. Notable examples include: the defeat of a proposal by the Florida Department of Revenue to charge a retroactive sales tax on CCRC meals served over the last five years, the defeat of a proposed daily tax on each nursing bed in CCRCs, and securing the homestead tax credit for CCRC residents (the credit is approximately $600 per eligible Oak Hammock unit). By joining FLiCRA today, you are helping protect your personal financial interest for the coming years.

Presently, over 350 of us who live at Oak Hammock are members of the Florida Life Care Residents’ Association (FLiCRA). We are striving for a 100 percent participation rate. If you are not yet a member of FLiCRA, please join your neighbors in support of FLiCRA volunteers and consultants in Tallahassee because in today’s world of politics – numbers count! FLiCRA needs the support of everyone who calls Oak Hammock home and we need FLiCRA.

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