Opportunities to play both Social Bridge and Duplicate Bridge abound at Oak Hammock. Bridge games at Oak Hammock are available to suit all levels of play and Bridge players are always welcome.

Social Bridge games are played throughout the week and an organized group of six or seven tables plays in the Acorn Room Friday afternoons at 1:30. That group requires having a partner and signing up in advance. There are informal games on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

The American Contract Bridge League affiliated club at OH is called Town Club @ Oak Hammock. Game time is every Thursday at 7:30 pm in the Acorn Room except Thanksgiving and other major holidays. The session ends within a few minutes of 10:30 pm. Participants are expected to remain for the entire time. Entry fee is $4. The $15 per year membership fee is waived for Oak Hammock members. No advance signup is necessary but players should come with a partner; rarely do singles show up.

The club has been in continuous operation here in Gainesville since 1964; it moved to Oak Hammock in March, 2005. Since this was a club with tables, supplies, volunteers, a modest treasury and a certified ACBL director, there was no cost to Oak Hammock. Approximately 95 percent of the players from the community are senior citizens, i. e., the same age group as O. H. members.

Light refreshments are available. Cookies, coffee and iced tea service are purchased from OH Catering. Generally, popcorn is available and there are occasionally chocolates and/or other snacks.

O.H. members wanting to play duplicate bridge during the day are welcome at the Tuesday afternoon game (Gatorbridge) at SW United Methodist Church. This game has been operating since 2001. It moved to SWUMC from The Village in 2007. Game time is 12:50 pm; the session ends a few minutes before 4:00. Playing fee is $5.00 per person. One should make arrangements in advance for a partner; only rarely do singles show up. The average size of the group is eight to nine tables.

Refreshments are fresh brewed coffee, cookies, popcorn, nuts, chips and other goodies; this varies from week to week.

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