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Since 2010, the Art Gallery Board has curated 14 exhibitions of nearly 1100 pieces of original art for the benefit of members.

The artists whose work has been showcased include many of the members of Oak Hammock, but invitational shows have involved professional artists from all over central and north-central Florida, school children from a local elementary school and children attending a private academy. The art has included paintings, photographs, fabrics, sculptures and elaborate constructions, much to the members' enthusiastic enjoyment. The exhibitions are always open to the public in a gallery surrounding the large splendid Duckworth garden.  Occasionally, exhibitions are on display for 6 months, but usually they are presented for 3 months.

An independent website,, archives all of the exhibitions, enabling friends and family members of participating artists and members to view these shows for long after the works have been replaced by newer pieces.

The best way to contact a representative of the Oak Hammock Art Gallery Board is to send an email to Jane Polkowski Levy.

Below are links to documents that the Gallery Board uses to prepare for new exhibitions as well as the releases and waivers that potential artists are required to sign.
Gallery Board Checklist
Gallery Board Check in/Check out form
Artist Release and Waiver
Artist Website Release


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