OH Tennis for Men and Women

There are presently 12 avid men and women tennis players who play regularly on our soft court located at the 4-way intersection on entry to Oak Hammock. Doubles is the preferred style of play on our current schedule. Most matches are scheduled between 8 and 9 am with competition typically lasting 1.5 - 2 hours. Play can also be arranged for other times of the day. The soft court has long term health benefits by reducing high impact play. The court drains quickly after rain and needs only minimal maintenance. Lines are buried underground as a special safety feature.

Grooming of the courts is under Bldg. and Grounds by way of Amanda Reese. Prior notification is required to make certain the court is in proper shape for play.

The men play 2-3 times weekly on MWF, the women on Thursday. All matches are individually arranged. We own an automatic ball machine which you can utilize at your discretion.

If interested in joining our group, please contact either Marvin Berk or Manny Lucoff. See the OH Directory for contact information.


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