Infoh now has NEW section of posts located  directly below this “news”  section,  devoted to technology,  which has shamelessly been titled  “Tech News Treats and Treasures”..   (with apologies to the Rocks)..

For our first post, see what Bill Castine has unearthed for those in need of updating their computer “office” software.  Sure,  the mac software is twice as expensive,  but that’s to be expected isn’t it ?   So,  scroll down and check it out !


We’re hoping to display each week a new photograph of pets, flora or fauna taken here by OH residents or staff.  Click the link below the picture (care to share) or email yours to and we’ll take it from there. 

You can now send comments to Dining Services directly by clicking the button at the bottom of the Today’s Meals & Extras page.  — 2/20/2022

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