The Travel Club

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 in the Oak Room. 

The Travel Club is a subcommittee of the Travel Subcommittee.  The Club sponsors and presents a monthly talk/slide show of member’s worldwide travel adventures. The purpose of the talks is to inform, entertain and broaden our knowledge of the world in which we live.

Future trip plans are presented at the meetings and members may ask questions and/or sign up to participate in the trips.

It’s possible to see past travel talk presentation below by means of the UTube video links

Here is a link to the Feb 2nd presentation entitled Galapagos,  Nature’s Wonderland photos.   With any luck,  the presentation itself will be copied and a link added here,   along with some other links of interest pertaining to the Galapagos…

Here is the UTube recording and extra videos of the Feb 2nd presentation

Here is a link to the March 2nd presentation entitled Portraits of Portugal,  as presented by Capt.  Ron Hoopes,  USN, Ret.

Here is the UTube recording March 2nd presentation

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