Recordings of Annual Residents’ Meeting & January RC Meeting

Logged in residents can listen to the audio recording of the Annual Meeting and the January 2021 RC meeting by clicking here.

2021 Fees

Fees will increase 3.00% as of January 1, 2021.
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Solar Project Under Way

To read the latest information concerning progress with reroofing and installing solar panels, please click here.

Troy’s Latest Update

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Joint Community Responsibilities

Crisis Communications Alert System — COVID-19

Electronic Help Sources

What to expect in Skilled Nursing

== a presentation by Marie Okronley, Oak Hammock Health Care Administrator and her senior staff

Concierge Care introduced to OH residents

At the October 2019 Town Hall meeting, CEO Jeff Hagen introduced representatives from our new partner, Concierge Care, who explained the range of services that are now available to OH residents.  To listen in, click here.

Pricing information and a listing of their full range of services will be available on this website soon.


Are you part of “Oak Hammock One Call”?

Some residents may not be included on the "Oak Hammock One Call" service. If there is an emergency or other information of an urgent nature, this service will notify all residents on the list by telephone. If you would like to be added, notify Susan Young, our receptionist.

If you have caller ID, most likely only the phone number will show up: (352) 548-1000. Many of us do not answer calls from numbers we do not recognize, but there is a potential remedy. If you are receiving such calls on a cell phone, simply add the name and number to your list of Contacts in the cell phone. A landline or VOIP phone should work the same way if you enter the name and number into your Directory, though we have not tested this.
A final caution: At the conclusion of a message from "Oak Hammock One Call", the recipient is given the choice to opt out of future messages by following the instructions for doing so. This will result in your receiving no further calls from the service, so be sure not to exercise this option accidentally.