All images…….Here is a bit more on the posts that have suggested using Amazon Smile to get no cost charitable donations:

Note that your purchase through Smile now donates .5% to your selected charity (OH Benevolent Fund ?).  My personal donation last quarter (which will be sent to individuals)   was $8.43.    The Benevolent Fund received $83 dollars last quarter  total from this source.. 

 Now,  let’s postulate that there are 100 OH’ers that use Amazon and make purchases who switch to getting there thru “smile”.   If that happens,  our contribution goes to Around $830 +  dollars,   PER QUARTER !  (given similar purchase levels).

If you forget,  and find yourself just simply going to Amazon and not,  there are several ways to help avoid contribution free purchases.   You can make a “favorite”  link that you can go back to.   Or,  you can simply leave amazon smile as an open “tab”  on the browser (only on your personal computer of course). 

Here,  once again,   is the link that explains how to:

         use Smile and get the contributions out of Amazon’s pocket  and to our Benevolent fund.

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