Welcome to the refreshed Infoh.us!  Our complete overhaul has enabled us to add new features and simplify many older ones as well as updating internal software components.  To ease your transition, review the highlights below.


  • Because food options are the most viewed feature on Infoh.us, we’ve simplified the previous system of accessing today’s Chef Features, the daily Featured Extras and the offerings at Treats and Treasures with a single menu button labeled Today’s Menu. It’s on the top of the left column on the Home page.
  • We’ve added a display of the events scheduled for each day of the current week. By default, you’ll see a list of the times and places of all scheduled events for the current day, but you can click on any other day to see its scheduled events. If you click on View Calendar, the entire month’s activities will appear.
  • Immediately below the scheduled events, Infoh.us displays in real time important weather information gathered at the Oak Hammock weather station near Bldg. 1. In the middle column of the page is the weather forecast for the next several days using official readings from the Gainesville airport.  It is possible that temperature, humidity, wind speed may differ between equipment at Oak Hammock and the airport.
  • News You Can Use occupies the middle of the screen on a desktop or tablet device. In general, the most recent and/or important information appears at the top of the list and information travels downward on the list as it ages.


  • On a desktop device, the site menus now appear at the top of your screen on every page. (On some pages on some tablets the menus may not appear at the top, but you’ll see a small square surrounding 3 horizontal bars that will bring the menu into view when clicked.) On a smartphone, menu items appear vertically but in the same sequence as they do on a desktop; otherwise, if they are not visible on the smartphone, click on the square that surrounds 3 horizontal bars.  That square is a universal icon for a menu.
  • This version of Infoh.us expands on the legacy site menus. There are new items and some that appear behind different tabs than on the legacy site.


  • As with the legacy site, Infoh.us still makes much content accessible to the public so that family members can read it, but sensitive information requires logging in. This process requires entering a username OR an email address followed by a password.  Residents currently receive this information prior to their move-in date.
  • Residents who forget their password or wish to change it need only to click on the “Lost your password?” message to create a new password. It may take several minutes for a change to be enabled.


  • Residents can email requests to us by clicking the access link, Contact Us, at the bottom of every page on the site.
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